The Sinderella Story .....

Sinderella was introduced to the world in 2015 at a time where the cost of ladies ballerina were on the rise, despite them being horribly flimsy and painful to wear.

Fortunately, a group of like minded individuals decided it was time to bring an end to this period of overpriced and uncomfortable ballerinas. Every lady throughout history has always looked for her comfortable glass slippers. Sinderella have decided to become their Prince Charming.

Each Sinderella ballerina has been specially designed with a unique inner sole to give the wearer comfort and relief. Our ballerinas have been been crafted to increase cushioning on the ball and heel of the foot, along with a memory foam padding to provide support and extra comfort.

Anyone who has had the privilege to wear Sinderella ballerinas has uttered the following words...

"OMG, I can not believe how comfortable they are!"

Isn't it time to give your feet the luxury and comfort they deserve? Don't let your feet bare the sins of your night.